Sozi 17.02 is available

Translations: Portugu├¬s do Brasil, Fran├žais

This is mainly a bugfix release that adds only one new feature: while playing a presentation, you can press the "." (dot) key to switch to a blank frame.

The notion of reference element for a frame was confusing. It is still used internally but is now hidden from the main user interface. Additionally, users can define an outline element that allows to adjust the selected layers to a given SVG element (e.g. a rectangle). The user interface is very similar to the previous version, but its behavior is slightly different and hopefully more intuitive and less error-prone.

Under the hood, Sozi is now based on electron, which helped solve several issues.

Sozi 17.02 is available in 14 languages including Russian and Italian. Unfortunately, most translations are not up to date, so if you don't speak English, French or Esperanto, you are likely to see some non-translated English text in the user interface of the editor.

If you want to help translate Sozi to your language, you will find instructions for translators on this site. Please open an issue if you want us to add a new completed translation file or update an existing one.

Use Sozi 17.02 now!

Sozi 17 can be run either as a standalone desktop application, or as a hosted web application.


Report issues if you find bugs or want to suggest improvements.