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The current stable release is Sozi 17.11 (November 2017):

Sozi is distributed in the form of a zip archive with the extension .zip or .tgz. In the file name, the operating system is identified as:

Unzipping the archive will create a folder with the same name. Linux and Windows users will run Sozi by launching the Sozi executable inside that folder. OS X users will find a subfolder that they can drag into their Applications folder.

An install script for Linux is provided. After installation, Sozi can be run either from your desktop applications menu, or from the command-line as sozi (in lower case):

tar xzf Sozi-{version}.tgz
sudo ./Sozi-{version}/install/

Archlinux users can install Sozi from the Archlinux User Repository.

Sozi 13

Sozi 13.11 is still available if you need it, but it is no longer maintained: