Translate the user interface of the editor to your native language

Translations: Français, Deutsch, Português do Brasil

The localized text for the Sozi editor are defined in PO files compatible with GNU gettext. There are two ways to participate in the translation of Sozi:

Using the web front-end at Weblate

Create an account at Weblate and visit the translation page for Sozi. You can start translating immediately. When your work is finished, please open a new issue to request the translation to be added to the next release.

Even when 100% of the strings are marked as translated, we cannot infer that your translation is ready to be published. We will publish a translation only if you request it.

État de la traduction

Editing the PO files directly

Fork the source repository of Sozi at GitHub. The PO files for Sozi can be found in the locales folder.

PO files can be edited using a general-purpose text editor or a translation editor such as Poedit. If you want to add a new language file, create a copy of locales/messages.pot. Name your language file using the appropriate IETF language tag and the .po extension.

When your work is finished, please send us a pull request.