Your first presentation

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An updated version of this tutorial is available in the Sozi Guide. Follow this link to read it: First presentation: show off your Big Ideas.

The Sozi Guide is a new user manual for Sozi, currently in the process of writing and translating. You can help me dedicate some time to work on this book by participating in the ongoing fundraising campaign or by donating via another service.

This tutorial will introduce the basic features of Sozi. You will learn how to create frames and play the presentation in a web browser.

Download and open the base document

This tutorial is based on a simple SVG document that contains the drawing elements of our presentation. Download the base SVG document (Right-click on the link and choose Save link target as). Open it with the Sozi presentation editor.

Open the SVG document with the presentation editor

Create the first frame of your presentation

Press the button + to create a new frame.

We want to center the first frame on the purple shape with the number 1. You can modify its title by editing the Title field in the right pane. Then, in the preview pane:

The first frame of the presentation

Create three other frames

Add three new frames. Each is represented by a column in the timeline (bottom pane). You can click on the number or the title of a frame to select it.

Set a title for each frame and move the camera in order to show successively: the orange shape (2), the yellow shape (3), and the blue shape (4). To rotate, move the mouse while holding the left button and the Shift key.

The second frame of the presentation

Save the presentation

The editor should save your presentation automatically. If it does not, you can still press the Save button in the tool bar.

Sozi does not alter the original SVG document. When saving, the editor updates the following two files:

If you want to share a presentation with other people, you only need to give them the file with the extension .sozi.html.

Play the presentation in a web browser

Open the file first-presentation.sozi.html in a web browser. The camera is automatically set to the first frame of the presentation. Click inside the browser window to move to the next frame. (see also: Play).

Download the complete presentation (Right-click on the link and choose Save link target as).