Sozi 20.03 is available for testers and translators

Since Sozi 19.04, a lot of internal changes have been made to Sozi: code clean-up and refactoring, upgrade of Electron and JavaScript libraries, build process. Ideally, these changes should be transparent for users, but further tests are needed before considering this release as stable.

If you are already using Sozi 20.02, this release is the same software with an updated Brazilian translation.

Sozi 20.03 can be downloaded from the release page of Sozi at GitHub. It introduces the following visible changes:

Presentation editor

Presenter console


About Sozi-export

Sozi-export is a set of command-line tools that convert Sozi presentations to videos or printable documents. These tools are based on PhantomJS, a headless browser engine that is no longer maintained. As a consequence, Sozi-export has become unusable on several platforms. As far as we know, there is no easy fix to make it work again in the short term.

If you think this feature is important and want to help, you can support it at BountySource: