Install Sozi on GNU/Linux

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This page is part of the documentation for Sozi 13. Follow this link if you are installing a more recent version of Sozi.

Distributions shipping Sozi

Sozi is available in repositories for the following distributions:

Manual installation

Sozi depends on the following packages:

Inkscape extensions can be installed in two possible locations:

If you are upgrading from version 13.01 or earlier, you should uninstall the previous version by removing all files whose names begin with sozi.

  1. Download Sozi
  2. Unzip the archive sozi-release-[...].zip. You should get a folder named archive sozi-release-[...].
  3. Copy the content of this folder into the Inkscape extensions folder.
  4. Check that the subfolder sozi has execute permissions.
  5. Start or relaunch Inkscape. You should now see an item Sozi in the Extensions menu.

You can now create your first presentation.