1. Sozi 16.02 is available

    Sozi 16 is the first release of 2016. It fixes several issues and adds new translations.

  2. Sozi 15.11 is available

    Sozi 15 can now be used on a daily basis for serious work. This releases fixes several issues and adds new translations.

  3. Sozi at FOSDEM'14

    I had the opportunity to present Sozi at FOSDEM'14 in the lightning talks session. In this post, you will find my presentation with notes.

  4. Tutorial: using layers

    Support for layers has been added in Sozi 12.09. Today, I am pleased to introduce the official Sozi layers tutorial.

  5. Sozi 13.05 is available

    In January, I have published a preview release of Sozi with version number 13.01. Four months have passed, and I think the official release has been delayed long enough.

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