Announcing the Sozi Guide

Translations: Fran├žais

Since 2009, a lot of people have tried Sozi and found it useful. Amazing creations have been made with it, and I have received incredible support from all over the world.

Sozi is still a personal project that I develop mostly alone in my spare time. Over the years, while many users, including myself, were expecting new features and bug fixes, writing code has often felt like a better use of my time than writing documentation.

Today, I realize that the documentation for Sozi needs to be updated and reorganized. I usually feel that some questions on the users forum would be easier to answer if there was a real Sozi user guide available. For this reason, I have started a complete rewrite of the documentation in the form of an online book. I have also reserved a specific domain name for this book:

Like Sozi, the book will be published under a free license, with no ads and no paywall. I hope you find it useful and entertaining.

You can help me dedicate some time to work on this book by making a donation.