Frame URLs and hyperlinks

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This page is part of the documentation for Sozi 13. It is not applicable to more recent versions.

This tutorial explains how to add hyperlinks in Sozi documents and how to link to a Sozi frame.

Download and open the example document

This tutorial is based on a plain SVG document that contains the visual elements of our presentation. Download the base SVG document (right-click on the link and choose Save link target as) and open it in Inkscape.

Open the base SVG document in Inkscape

Create frames

Select all five rectangles and open Sozi from the Extensions menu. Create a frame for each rectangle. To help you identify each rectangle easily, we have already set their Ids to match their colors (e.g the Id of the blue rectangle is blue-rect).

Create a frame for each rectangle

Create five frames with the following properties:

Title Id SVG Element
Black black-frame black-rect
Red red-frame red-rect
Green green-frame green-rect
Magenta magenta-frame magenta-rect
Blue blue-frame blue-rect

Close Sozi and save the document. You can already open it in a web browser to check that all frames are correctly defined.

Frame URLs

When a Sozi document is opened in the web browser, the content of the address bar changes when you move from one frame to another.

Frame URL in the address bar of a web browser

In the example above the address bar shows the URL:


If your document is served by a web server, the first element will be http or https instead of file. The last elements of the URL are the SVG file name followed by a hash character (#) and the Id of the current frame (green-frame).

As a result, if you are sharing a presentation on the web, it will be possible to make a direct link to any frame with a given Id.

Creating hyperlinks in a Sozi presentation

Back to Inkscape, right-click on the red circle and choose Create Link. This action does not open any dialog. It just wraps the selected element inside an SVG link element.

Creating a link in Inkscape

Now right-click on the red circle again and choose Link Properties.

Editing a link in Inkscape

The following dialog allows to edit several attributes of the selected link. To create a link to the frame enclosed in the red rectangle, we only need to set the Href attribute to #red-frame. You can proceed similarly for the other three circles.

Setting the href attribute of a link

Play the presentation in a web browser

Save the document in Inkscape.

Open the SVG document with your favorite web browser. It will automatically focus on the first frame. Click inside the white background of the document to move to the next frame (See also: Playing a presentation) or click on a circle to move directly to the corresponding frame.

Download or play the full presentation.